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Go with the flow and be ready to accept the need to change routines to embrace the future. The rest of the year finds the strongest literal change in the realm of love, romance, heart and children.

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New people, new dreams and new creative endeavors are likely to be incoming. All the more important to be walking in your own truth and under your own light. This prepares you to both enhance and empower your ability to get into the semblance of a love affair. Being creative and helping others, govern your direction. You are a sensitive, shy, emotional, and compassionate person.

You often care more for others than for yourself. Feelings, empathy and the unconscious dictate how you express yourself. You are a idealist and visionary. You subtly influence your environment when you express these or vice versa. Then you are confused about what you experience. Sometimes, you cannot deal with the hurt and pain that you see. Wanting to help and save people, or you want to run away. Therefore, you need to learn discrimination and to have peace and tranquillity in your life, or periods of retreat so you can find out what you feel.

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Alcohol and drugs are dangerous for you, since you are easily effected by these, losing direction. You may be a gifted artist, or you may not know who you are. You are seductive, and need to be careful of being seduced by your own camouflage. Therefore, your life is inspired or confused. The sensitivity that you have and your ability to be with people, suggests healing, psychic and artistic talent.

Working behind the scenes helping people, suits you as well as developing your artistic talent. For you dance and movement are excellent forms of self -expression, also poetry and photography.

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Your contact with the unconscious gives you a visionary and dreamy quality which needs to be used. It is necessary that you commit yourself to your dreams. As you may avoid commitments. You need the support of like minded people to fulfil these ideals. The commitment to your dreams and visions makes your life heaven and the lack of it hell.

Water has a healing and soothing effect upon you. Thinking about year, very bright students will have to take some care in the education from the start of the year itself.


If you will consider the principle of -there is no option other than hard work, you will progress further, and then you will be able to successfully manage your desired results this year. There are planets moving such a way which may cause obstacles in education. Students having affairs have to take special care. Ups and downs in relationships during this year may also effect on the education and percentage will go down. Those who are going to sit in final examinations will have to take care from the start of the year itself and then there will be no problem obtaining degree according to Pisces Education Horoscope In short, this year will give desired result at hard work.

Abut focus on some stress relieving exercises as well such as yoga and meditation.


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If you have plans of joining an institution abroad, prepare well in advance so you can do well in the entrance tests. This might help you to get a scholarship which can benefit you in numerous ways for studying abroad, tells Pisces Education Horoscope. Choose something that suits your interest and you will be happy till you graduate because of the right decision that you make now.

Be very clear with want you exactly want and which college you have been dreaming of joining. After proper results, prepare well, to get through and then make necessary arrangements.

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If you have to travel abroad for further studies, then again you will have to keep all the required documents ready, as is nseen in Pisces Education Horoscope